Beloved of the goat,

We’ve got news for those who are waiting for a new SxRxOxM full length since 2009. Rotten Roll Rex caved in and is willing to release our forthcoming album as a 3CD. Yupp, you read it right. It’s not that we have so much material, so far, heheh…it’s all about numerology! Third album, three CDs, the three musical genres the band is based on (more about this to be unveiled soon), three band-brothers…trinity (well, uhhhm, yes…and maybe the three chords and three beats we have mastery of). At the moment, we cannot make any promises and, to put it candidly, do not know when the album will be due. This weekend will mark the first songwriting session, everyithing is set up to bring the monster into being and to deliver you some ultraheavy Type O Negagore (or Bore Grind, if you say so).