Released: 11. September 2009
Rotten Roll Rex RRR666


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01 Intro
02 Submit To Satan

03 Where Blood And Vomit Flow In Streams
04 Todays Specials
05 I Am Legion
06 Of Vermin And Man
07 Manifest
08 Support Your Local Butcher
09 Succulent White Trash
10 She
11 As Nausea Sets In
12 Delicious Lobus Parietalis
13 All We Need Is Meat
14 Protein Bonanza Extravaganza
15 The Perfect Meal
16 Technophobia
17 Zombiebutcher
18 Pean Of Praise For Baal Zebul

Supreme Malicious Necro Terror was recorded at “Lobby Studios” of the Lobbyunion, Alberestat im Friesenfeld, Goremany.
It was recorded, enineered and mixed by Satan’s Revenge On Mankind themselfes and mastered by Jaime E. “Papa” Gomez of D.A.M. at Orogone Audio Engineering, London, U.K.
All Musick composted, all lyrics written and all artworks done by The Almighty Mr. Goreblastexcept “Technophobia” by Carnivore.
Musick decomposed and deranged by SxRxOxM.